Best Coffee Shops in NYC

The 24 Best Coffee Shops in NYC That Everyone Needs to Visit

For so many people, coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s a way of life. So is it any wonder that you can find coffee shops on every street and tucked away around every corner in the city.

But with so much choice, it’s almost paralysing not knowing where to go. Do you hit a big chain coffee shop, because at least you know it’s consistent? Or do you take a risk and go for what you really want, which is a cool, local coffee shop where you can get a properly made, locally sourced cup of coffee by staff who love their jobs and know their stuff?

If you’re tired of the same old coffee shops, then check out our list of the best coffee shops in NYC. You’re sure to find one or two hidden gems that you didn’t know existed!

The 24 Best Coffee Shops in NYC

Blue Bottle Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in NYC

With a venue within a few minutes no matter where you are in New York, you can always rely on Blue Bottle Coffee to deliver what you need, effortlessly and with style.

Even though the shops look and feel like an exclusive, members only club that’s going to cost the earth, they’re actually really reasonably priced, with a great selection of blends and good meals. I also appreciate the small touches, like the tiny chocolate squares that come with each drink.

No matter how busy it gets, the staff are great, and can be relied upon to always make you feel welcome. Plus, if you’ve ever had the itch to learn to be a barista, Blue Bottle offers coffee classes on the regular across a huge amount of their shops.

What really sets Blue Bottle apart though, is their dedication to understanding exactly what they’re serving you. Supposedly, each individual blend of coffee has a peak time to be served, normally only a couple of days, where it’s the freshest with the best flavor. Blue Bottle will only ever serve beans that are in this period, which is meant to lead to the best tasting coffee you’ll find anywhere.

Is that true? Well, you’ll just have to drop by and find out!

Click here to view their site.

Stumptown Coffee

Situated in Greenwich Village in the lobby of the Ace hotel, this cool and trendy coffee shop is a great spot for anyone who’s tired of having to fight through a million questions just to get a decent cup of joe.

When it comes to their coffee, there’s less messing around with chocolate filled, sugary concoctions like the big chains do. Instead, it’s straight and clean all the way, with their signature blends tasting great and delivering a satisfying kick.

The staff know their stuff, and it’s great to just drop in for a bite to eat on the way to work. The pastries are to die for!

It’s a beautifully set up place, too, with a really unique vibe and cool crowd. If you’re interested in trying them out, they also hold public tastings and sell their own blends, so whichever one you fall in love with, you can take home with you.

One thing though. Be prepared for long queues. It’s no secret that this place is fantastic!

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Best Coffee Shop in New York

Trendy and set out like a bar, you can find Intelligentsia’s High Line coffee bar in the hotel of the same name, on 10th Avenue at 20th Street.

The attention to detail doesn’t stop there, though. Anyone who knows Intelligentsia coffee knows they only ever get their beans from single source farms. What that means is each blend only comes from one single place in the entire world, normally one individual farm.

That means each blend is absolutely individual, and indefinably different from coffee you’ll get anywhere else. It’s no surprise that these bars are a favored hang out for all the people in the heart of New York culture.

Expect it to be busy. But once you sit down with a cup and something to snack on, you’ll understand why this is in our list of the best coffee shops in NYC.

If you’re in a rush, there’s a unique bonus too. The only Intelligentsia to-go coffee van is right outside at peak times, serving their best and most popular brews to busy commuters!

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Toby’s Estate

Best Coffee Shops in NYC

Toby’s is the sort of place I would spend every lunchtime, if I could. The atmosphere is beautiful. Inside, it’s pretty minimalist, with a few bespoke touches that set off the open spaces. With great music choices and welcoming staff, it’s the sort of place anyone feels welcome.

Toby’s uses exclusively single sourced blends, and are committed to working with their suppliers to reduce their environmental impact. After all, a good cup of coffee isn’t worth destroying the environment, is it?

They also make sure that their patronage helps the communities based around their coffee farms. It’s a lovely touch and if you’re someone like me, who likes to give back what you can, it feels good to know that you’re helping other people, even when you’re just grabbing your morning espresso.

I also appreciate the staff being really knowledgeable about their craft. They can answer pretty much any question you might have, as well as recommend individual drinks based on what you like. As someone who’s a little bit of a control freak, it sets my mind at ease and lets me relax when the guys and girls serving me know their stuff.

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Ninth Street Espresso

Born and bred in New York, Ninth Street Espresso are nothing if not focused on quality, and pare everything down to the essentials so that they can focus on what matters. A great tasting, refreshing cup of coffee.

There’s literally no messing about. A menu of only four possible options gives the staff the ability to focus on what matters, so every single cup comes out utterly perfect, every single time.

Recently, the company made a massive leap, finally acquiring their own space to roast and press their own beans, giving them absolute control over every aspect of production, so you only get the highest quality product.

It really shows. Every cup has its own distinct personality, with strong, defined flavors and fantastic aromas. I’ve been to Italy and experienced European coffee bars, and for anyone who’s followed my footsteps, a cup of this is sure to bring back memories.

If you’re looking for a coffee bar with no fuss or frills, who serve no-nonsense coffee that tastes fantastic, try dropping by one of their five locations. We’d recommend it.

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Birch Coffee

Considering it started as just the dream of two guys, Birch has grown and grown, and now has locations all over the city, each with their own individual aesthetic and dedicated staff. If you’re lucky enough, you might even meet one of the founders, as they regularly drop by each location to offer a helping hand and say hi to the regulars.

And that’s what the regulars love about Birch coffee. It’s not the great selection of brews and blends, though there’s a huge choice, and they’re all expertly selected.

It’s not the beautifully appointed locations, great service, or pastry selection that rivals dedicated bakers. It’s the personality, joy and love that the owners and staff bring to the place.

You honestly couldn’t find a bunch of people more dedicated to their craft, or to giving back as much as possible. The staff know their regulars, sometimes even serving up what you want without you even needing to ask. The selection is great, and they have a wealth of knowledge. All these factors make them one of the best coffee shops in NYC.

There’s also the fact that, unlike a lot of coffee snobs, Birch is really open about their entire process. If you want tips on how they create their blends, you just need to go to their website. Whilst you’re there, you might want to check out their show, (they have a show!) where they interview other New York based entrepreneurs. Who knows, if it’s always been your dream to open your own coffee shop, you might learn a thing or two.

Click here to view their site.

The Queens Kickshaw

If you’re looking for a coffee bar that’s also an actual bar, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Queens Kickshaw serves double duty. Not only are they amazing to drop into for a quick coffee and meet up with friends, they also serve an enviable selection of craft beers, wines and cocktails that make this the perfect slot to grab a bite and start a night out.

On top of that, the food is amazing. Like, literally I’m going to come here for lunch every day amazing. It’s an open secret that the best grilled cheese sandwich in NYC is found in here.

Be careful though, because when you go hunting for this place, you might wander straight past it. It’s tucked away on 40-17 Broadway, in Astoria, and it’s easy to miss. But once you’re inside you can soak up the ambience, grab yourself a great cup of coffee and just relax, knowing you’re in one of the best coffee shops in NYC.

Or, if you can’t make it to them. Give them a call, ’cause they also deliver, so no matter how busy you are at the office, you can get the personal touch to your lunchtime brew that you want and need.

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Bluestone Lane

If you’re in the mood for artisinal coffee delivered with perfection, in a beautifully appointed location, then look no further than the original Bluestone Lane coffee shop. Found in the Meredith building at 805 3rd Avenue, this was Bluestone lane’s first coffee shop, and in our opinion, still the best.

It’s gorgeous inside, with a vibe and aesthetic that’s reminiscent of Australia, which is not surprising, considering Bluestone Lane pride themselves on delivering an authentic Melbourne coffee shop experience. The result is that it feels utterly different from a lot of coffee chains; more personal, and somehow also more professional.

The selection of drinks is huge, with their own home-roasted in-house coffee blends each having a beautifully distinct flavor, all expertly brewed by their welcoming baristas. On top of the coffee, there’s a great selection of teas, juices, and also what they call ‘wellness drinks,’ which are packed full of nourishing herbs and vitamins.

But they don’t just do drinks. If you’re in the area, you can also check out one of their several cafes, which have a great selection of breakfast and brunch offerings, all healthy, and most of all, vegetarian-friendly.

One thing though. They don’t accept cash. So come prepared. I’d recommend downloading their app. Not only does it mean you can ping payments with your phone, you also get $5 off of your first order, a lovely touch!

Click here to view their site.

El Rey NYC

Tiny, beautifully set out and expertly curated, dropping into El Rey’s almost feels as intimate as sitting in a friend’s kitchen – if your friend made world class coffee and had a lunch menu prepared by a legitimate, fully trained chef!

It’s ideal to just drop by for a quiet coffee, with a great selection. If you’re in the mood for something stronger, there’s also a full choice of draft beers and hand picked wines.

But it’s the food that stands out. Like I said, there’s a chef on hand who’s designed the menu from scratch, and it really doesn’t disappoint. Most of the options are vegetarian, but prepared in ways that are new and exciting, and like nothing you’ve ever seen. Or tasted.

It’s a great place to drop by for a quiet dinner, plus they actually deliver. So once you’ve eaten here and fallen in love with the place, you don’t even have to leave your house to get the full experience! If you’re in the mood for something spicy, I’d recommend the Diablo Chicken!

Click here to view their site.


Devocion have devoted themselves to one simple thing. The freshest cup of coffee in the world. To that end, they’re the only exclusively farm-to-table coffee shop… on the planet. If that doesn’t make them one of the best coffee shops in NYC, I don’t know what does.

What does that mean for you? It means that when you walk through the door, you can be sure that your cup of coffee is going to be the freshest, best-tasting cup possible. And this is only realised through Devocion’s unique process, with daily deliveries of beans, picked and flown that same day to their roasting facility, where it hits your cup a maximum of ten days after being picked!

Until you’ve experienced it, it’s difficult to explain the amount of difference this makes. But once you have, you won’t want to drink anything else.

The shop itself is glorious, with a wonderful old time feel and stunning décor. It floored me the first time I experienced it. You can actually see the roasting room through giant gallery windows. As you enjoy your coffee, you can see the next batch being prepared.

Devocion are also committed to sustainability and giving back to the community. You really can tell they care, from the staff out there making the coffee through to the CEO, and that’s something I appreciate.

Click here to view their site.


Coffeed have multiple locations throughout the city, but for an unforgettable experience, you’ve got to drop by LIC Landing. The view is unbelievable, with an open plaza right on the waterfront facing Manhattan, and whether you’re there for a business lunch during the sunshine or a couple of drinks with friends in the evening, having such a beautiful backdrop sets everything off.

All of their coffee is sustainably sourced, so you can feel good about what you’re drinking, but Coffeed goes above and beyond by promising that 10% of their sales are also fed back into local charities. Each location has their own charity that they support, so you know exactly where your money is going.

They’re not just good for coffee, either. LIC Landing is one of Coffeed’s restaurants, with a great selection of breakfast and lunch offerings, well cooked, at a reasonable price. Considering the location and the great coffee, it’s not surprising this spot is favored by creatives from across the city.

On that note, Coffeed also host a lot of events, coffee themed and not, across their branches, so it’s worth checking up on them every so often if you’re looking for an interesting night out.

Click here to view their site.

Gregorys Coffee

If you’re tired of the big chains, but in the mood for a decent cup of coffee that you can get damn near anywhere in the city, then you should check out Gregorys. They’re expanding fast, with new branches opening all over New York all the time.

Probably because they’re really good, with a passion for the bean that’s hard to beat. For example, their head roaster is Gregg Roberson, who’s so enamoured with coffee that he started by roasting beans in his own kitchen in a popcorn maker!

Gregorys are more like the larger coffee chains than a lot of the others on this list, and that’s no bad thing. After all, good coffee is good coffee, no matter where it comes from. On top of their comprehensive list of drinks, Gregorys also has great pastries, cookies, and muffins, a wicked smart loyalty program that runs through an app that also allows you to pay for your order and tip on the run, as well as the obligatory free wifi.

Plus, the shops are wonderfully appointed. Location matters, and when you’re sitting in a Gregorys, surrounded by décor that reminds you of an old time 1960s bar, that cup in your hand is going to taste even better.

Click here to view their site.

Third Rail Coffee

Third Rail is a company that cares.

They care about their coffee, which is almost always a single sourced brew, and they regularly bring in different espresso beans to give their patrons a choice of flavors.

There’s a full list of drinks on top of this, with everything you’d expect on there, all lovingly made by the professional staff, and probably one or two you haven’t heard of, either.

They also have a really good selection of healthy (and not so healthy, thank you donuts!) snacks, with the majority being hand made in small batches, including their exclusive granola bars, which come HIGHLY recommended.

But they’re also really committed to improving the world, too. A lot of coffee shops have the same sort of decoration, and it gets almost sterile. Third Rail show off art and photographs by locals, and focus on good causes like the current refugee crisis happening in the middle east. They also run regular charity causes and food bank collections, which really isn’t something I expected to see.

If you want good coffee from a company that cares, check out Third Rail. You can find them on 240 Sullivan Street, Greenwich, or 159 Second Avenue.

Click here to view their site.

Little Collins NYC

If you’re in the mood for something different, and the authentic Australian coffee experience appeals, you should definitely check out Little Collins, on 667 Lexington Avenue.

Named after a street in Melbourne, Australia, the experience is sure to be something you’ll remember, whether you’re just looking for good coffee or a decent place for a bite to eat.

Whilst it might be compact inside, it’s always busy, and the welcoming staff copes admirably, always ready with a grin and a recommendation.

You might need one, too. The coffee is as good as you’d hope, but some of the things on the menu, which is Oz inspired, might be way out of the norm for all but the most adventurous amongst us. (Try ‘The convict.’ It’s toast with vegemite, which is real popular in Australia and has a strong flavor that takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s more than worth it.)

There’s a reason these guys have been featured in multiple press releases. If you’re lucky enough to be in the area, then drop by, and you won’t be disappointed.

Click here to view their site.

Pushcart Coffee

Set right at the edge of Peter’s Field, Pushcart Coffee prides itself on being a vital and essential part of the local community. Everything they serve is locally roasted or sourced if possible, including all of the pastries (which come from their private bakery, Maggie’s Kitchen.)

This same attitude rolls over to their selection of coffee beans, which are all ethically sourced. The result? A great set of handpicked brews that are refreshing and taste great.

If you’re more interested in what you’re drinking than the average coffee lover, because Pushcart has regular roastings and cuppings, where you can learn about all of their drinks, why their chosen, and the process behind bringing you that perfect cup of coffee.

Plus, the place itself is fantastic, with a really clean, defined aesthetic that’s distinctive without being niche or overly artsy. There’s enough space inside for groups to relax, but it’s still perfectly comfortable if you’re planning on dropping by with your laptop and some headphones, so no matter what you need or why you’re there, you’ll probably find it in Pushcart.

Click here to view their site.


Highly rated by pretty much everyone who’s anyone, Hi-Collar is kitschy and classy, rolled into one.

Inspired by Japanese tea shops and jazz, you’re going to find two very different experiences depending on when you head their way.

During the day, it’s a coffee shop, with a simple menu that offers various choices for how the staff will prepare your drink, and an ever-changing list of beans. The lunch menu is also highly recommended, especially the deserts.

Then the sun goes down, and suddenly you’re in a high-class bar in Tokyo, with the sake flowing freely and an atmosphere to die for.

If you’re looking for an experience a little out of the ordinary, but still want damn fine coffee with exceptional service, hit Hi-Collar.

Click here to view their site.

Box Kite

For a bespoke, individual experience, it’s hard to fault Box Kite. The place is absolutely tiny, with literally enough space for a dozen people, but that just makes the experience all the more unique.

Every coffee on their menu is hand picked and constantly changing as individuals roasts come in and out of season, and once it hits their premises, every cup of coffee is hand made, one by one, delivering an exceptional brew, time after time.

It’s this ever-changing experience that keeps people coming back. Because even though their selection is constantly changing, every single choice is superlative.

If you can, head down to their East Village location, at 115 St Marks, for dinner. There’s only a handful of seats and you can’t book, but if you’re lucky enough to get in, you’re guaranteed to love what’s laid out in front of you.

Click here to view their site.

Hungry Ghost

Espresso is an acquired taste, but for those who love it, it’s a religion. Yet finding a place that can consistently deliver without it tasting burned and bitter is incredibly hard.

That’s why you go to Hungry Ghost. Every morning, their baristas run through anywhere up to a dozen shots of espresso, making sure that everything is balanced and perfect before anybody even sets foot in the shop!

It’s not just their espresso that’s made with this confidence, verve and attention to detail, though. Hungry Ghost use Stumptown’s coffee blends (for anyone who’s not paying attention, Stumptown is at the top of our list) to deliver a comprehensive list of coffee’s that’ll sate even the most ardent fanatic.

Each of the four locations also have a great selection of breakfast and lunch items, and you’re more than welcome to pull up a chair and relax, drinking in the gorgeous, old time décor. It’s the sort of place that’s just built to let you relax and let the good vibes flow.

Click here to view their site.


Lively, kitschy and full of energy. If you’re used to slow, stuffy, boring coffee shops, then Abraco is a distinct change of pace. It’s obvious the guys and girls behind the counter love what they do, and this comes through in what they’re offering.

Their joy and enthusiasm is infectious, as is the music and décor, which really makes the place feel like a home away from home rather than part of some sterile chain.

But don’t let that make you think that what you’re getting is going to be sloppy. The coffee is exceptional, especially the cold pressed brews. You’re not going to get any bizarre, super sweet orders here, just coffee the way it should be done. Dark, clean and pure.

Alongside all of this, there’s a great selection of sweets and sundries, so if you’re stopping by for a bite, you know you’ll be looked after.

Personable, full of love, and most importantly serving great coffee, Abraco is the perfect stop off. You can find them on 81st East 7th Street, Manhattan.

Click here to view their site.

Astoria Coffee

Starting as a delivery service for amazing coffee beans, the founders of Astoria knew they were onto something when everyone kept requesting more of what they were choosing.

It’s that discriminatory taste that’s led to Astoria continuing to be a success, and the attitude they have to their craft really comes through in their products and services.

Their list of blends is huge, and sourced from all over the world, so no matter what you’re looking for, they can deliver. You’re probably going to find a few on there that you’ve never heard of, and that’s okay, because the staff know their stuff, and would love to guide you through your process.

It’s a really great place to just sit and relax, too, with a trendy, bare bones aesthetic with lots of white offset by bare wooden shelving and lighting. It feels like an artsy warehouse, but shrunk down to a comfortable size.

If you’re looking for a homely, folksy neighbourhood coffee shop that you can drop by for a chat and a cuppa, you should check them out.

Click here to view their site.

Plowshares Coffee

Plowshares are roasters and wholesalers first, and a coffee shop second, but don’t let that make you think that you’re going to get some sort of subpar cup of coffee.

It’s the exact opposite. Because Plowshares is so focused on making sure that their coffee has exceptional quality, that bleeds down to you, the customer, whenever you drop by and place an order.

Sourced from all over the world, every single batch of their coffee is individually roasted in small batches, to keep the quality as high as possible. Because they’re wholesalers, you’re also good to go when you find that one bean you fall in love with, letting you take it home and make it yourself whenever you want.

Their single cafe is small, but homely and really well set out, and it’s clear watching everyone work that they absolutely love what they do. The cold brews are particularly recommended, considering that they’re smoother and a lot less bitter than what you might be used to. If you’re heading past 2730 Broadway, dip by and check out one of the best coffee shops in NYC.

Click here to view their site.

Sweetleaf Coffee

Since opening almost ten years ago, Sweetleaf’s first coffee shop has only grown. The first thing that will strike you when you walk in, is how gorgeously appointed everything is.

As much of the furnishing as possible are antique, with Parisian art and furniture and 18th century tin for the walls and ceiling, which hugely complement the original 19th-century brick building.

Despite this, all of the coffee machines are absolutely top class, and the staff know what they’re doing, delivering consistent, quality coffee time after time.

Whilst you’re there, you might want to enquire about their signature drinks, then whilst you’re waiting, go for a wander to the back of the shop into their record room, which has an actual, honest to god turntable and about two hundred records for you to choose from. I tell you, sipping a perfectly made espresso whilst sitting in a room that feels like it’s been ripped straight out of the 1960s is something else.

Click here to view their site.

Darling Coffee

If you want your coffee to feel so personal it’s almost like family, then Darling coffee, on 4961 Broadway, is definitely the way forward.

Serving locally roasted coffee and hand made cakes baked every day in their own kitchen, the husband and wife owners of this beautiful little coffee shop are clearly devoted to what they’re doing.

In fact, they’re getting so well known that in peak times they’ve had to ask people not to use electronics at a lot of their tables, otherwise it gets far too busy. And it’s not small inside, with a lot of free tables and open space, so if that’s not a recommendation, then I don’t know what is.

The drinks are simple but flavorsome, the food is great, and the prices are reasonable. If you’re looking for that home away from home, you’re own little coffee shop, you might have just found it.

Click here to view their site.

Beaner Bar

In Europe and Latin America, drinking coffee is a tradition widely shared amongst almost everybody. And Beaner Bar wants to bring that same love and dedication to pleasure and relaxation to you.

With a Mexican inspired menu, if you’re in the mood for something new and adventurous, then you’ve got it, but if you just want the standard, then they’ve got you covered as well. The cold brews come particularly highly recommended.

You’ve also got the bonus of authentic Mexican food and snacks, including ‘the worlds best cookie,’ which are so good people order them from as far away as Texas!

Tucked away on 447 Graham Avenue in Brooklyn, if you’re in the mood for good food, better coffee and an authentic atmosphere, head down to the Beaner Bar and, in their own words, chill!

Click here to view their site.

You’ve reached the end of our list of 24 best coffee shops in New York City. Did we miss something out, or maybe you’ve been to one of these coffee shops and you’d like to share are story or confirm what we’ve written. Either way, we’d love to hear it, so share your stories in the comments below.

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