Best French Press

Best French Press Coffee Maker (2019 Edition)

Best French Press

Are you looking for the best French press coffee maker? Do you need a premium model that is resistant, portable, and capable of brewing the finest and the smoothest cup of Joe?

Read through these reviews as we take a look at the models on the market. You might just end up with the finest cup of java you always wished for.

Best French Press Comparison


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Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Dishwasher-safe glass carafe

Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Protective design

Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

3-layered filter system

The Important Features To Look For

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The best way to make the purest cup of coffee or tea is by using a French coffee press. Its definitive method efficiently extracts any essential oils from the coffee bean, and deliver a bold and unique flavor right to your cup.

Some coffee machines are premium quality, while others are just below par. Some of the things you need to consider before making a purchase include:


Buying the most expensive press us unnecessary. At the same time, this doesn’t mean you should buy a very cheap coffee maker. You can always find a middle ground which are affordable and work fantastically.

Metal or Plastic Frame

A lot of individuals prefer the metal frames. This is because they are usually extremely durable and better quality when compared with the plastic type.


The products with a plastic carafe are more durable and will last longer when compared to the ones made using glass.

Cup size

To get a better idea of the cup size, take a look at the ounces which is held by the model your looking at.

Removable Carafe

A press with a removable carafe will be easier to clean. This is often advisable.


How well the press is able to keep your coffee warm throughout the day should also come into consideration before selecting one.

Finally, try as much as possible to read reviews before settling on the one to purchase.

French Press Reviews

Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

  • Beaker made from heat-resistant glass
  • Plastic frame and handle
  • Plunger of stainless steel
  • Fine mesh filter
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Patented safety lid
  • If you are looking for something that has an attractive and functional design and comes at a very reasonable price, the Bodum Brazil 8-Cup Maker is the right option for you. It features a durable glass beaker made of borosilicate glass. The carafe also comes with a protective layer of plastic. This ensures that the model is highly durable, and comfortably serve all your everyday coffee needs.

    This coffee press also features a plastic base and handle. With this, you can easily use and clean it. The plastic is also better for you if you drop things easily, or there is a lot of people in your house. There is also a plunger of stainless steel. This provides the press with the opportunity of producing a high-quality extraction of fragrant oils and subtle flavors.

    Furthermore, there is also a mesh filter that allows the taste to be transferred straight to the mug and also prevents the paper filter from absorbing it. Also, if you're not using any paper filters, nothing will be wasted. There is also a patented safety lid which prevents the liquids from splashing while you press. Every part of it is safe for the dishwasher. This makes it easy to utilize it for a long period of time.

    KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker

  • Detachable filter system
  • Wrapped with protective design
  • Convenient handle
  • Premium quality glass teapot
  • Versatile coffee and tea maker
  • Easy to transport
  • One of the best ways of making a pure cup of coffee is by using a French press that is durable and able to eliminate any sediments or filter in the beverage. In case you would like to brew a premium quality coffee, the KONA is the model that can get this done. It will definitely deliver a bold and unique coffee flavor.

    This model has been designed for durability without compromising style. It features a premium quality glass teapot particularly manufactured using borosilicate glass. This makes it highly resistant to thermal shock. It is a wonderful equipment for your various camping needs.

    Furthermore, extra care was taken just to ensure that it is actually durable. The large pot has been thoughtfully wrapped with protective design. The protective design also helps to shield the glass pot from cracks and chips. This will likewise minimize breakage. This is a versatile machine capable of brewing both cold iced coffee and ice tea during summer.

    This coffee machine is portable and ideal for your office use, and taking it along while traveling. It has a comfortable handle, which has a hard-wearing and sturdy design. With this, you can easily pour the drink into your jug or mug. It also features a detachable stainless infuser filter system, which makes cleaning quite easy.

    If you have friends and families, who love brewing espresso or tea, the KONA Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker will be a wonderful gift idea for your Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and lots more.

    Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

    • Manufactured using stainless steel
    • Three-layer filter structure
    • Stainless steel filter screen
    • Touch knob and handle
    • Capacity of 34 ounces per 1000ml

    If you are in search for something of high quality, the Secura Stainless Steel model might be the right one for you. The entire product is manufactured using the most durable stainless steel. You are guaranteed that it is long-lasting and will stand the test of time. This is a coffee maker made to outlive many similar models on the market.

    Furthermore, it comes with a three-layer filter structure also made of stainless steel. This helps in trapping the slightest grounds and also produces an extraordinary powerful flavor. You are sure to always have an enjoyable experience when whenever using this maker.

    The Secura also comes with a filter screen made of stainless steel. The filter screen helps to filter out any sediment. You can easily disassemble the filter screen anytime you want to clean it. This coffee press is also easy to operate and maintain. If you stack a couple of screens together, this will provide your espresso with a more delicate and sophisticated taste.

    In addition, so that you can comfortably and safely pour your drink into cups, it has a handle as well as a knob with a no-overheating feature. With this, be rest assured that carrying it, and pouring your coffee is just as easy as you want. Lastly, this Secura press is safe to put in your dishwasher.

    From the above reviews, you will notice that these products are well made and resistant. They are manufactured using high-quality materials to serve your everyday coffee needs and serve you for a long period of time.

    Also, they have adequate filters to remove any grounds or sediments, delivering a smooth and enjoyable beverage. They are also easy to use and maintain. You will definitely enjoy the one of the best French press options for your coffee needs.

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