How to Prevent Coffee from Staining Teeth

When you drink a lot of coffee you will find that your teeth start to discolour. This can be distressing and embarrassing, but it’s no reason to avoid coffee altogether

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My favourite way to start the day is by drinking a smooth cup of coffee, but the effects of doing so can become quite a concern. It’s important to know how to prevent coffee from staining teeth, for example, because you want to be able to keep drinking your favourite drink without being worried about how it will affect your smile.

In this article, we will be looking at why it stains your teeth, and a few tips of how to minimise this effect.

Why does Coffee Stain Your Teeth?

Your teeth are made from a very tough substance, enamel. However, despite being the strongest substance in the human body, it’s not perfectly smooth. Instead, it contains lots of tiny microscopic grooves and gaps that can trap particles of food or drink. Over time teeth naturally go yellow because particles get into these gaps, but things like drinking coffee and smoking can hasten this effect. As the colours in coffee are produced by the small molecules of pigments, these can get trapped in the gaps and, therefore, cause your teeth to have a yellow colour. These coffee stains between teeth can be permanent if not taken care of, so if you notice it starting to happen you should take precautions.

Is Coffee Bad for Your Teeth?

It’s not just discolouration that happens as a result of drinking coffee, and if you don’t clean your teeth regularly, coffee can have other consequences too.

First of all, it depends on how you prepare your coffee. Adding sugar, for example, will help to erode the protective layers of your teeth and cause damage. Drinking a warm drink like coffee can also increase the production of bacteria in your mouth which results in the production of more acids that damage the enamel and your teeth. This build-up of bacteria, as well as the way that coffee sticks to your tongue, will also lead to bad breath and, in some cases, halitosis.

How to Prevent Coffee From Staining Your Teeth

Now we understand how teeth are stained by coffee, it becomes a lot easier to take steps to avoid it from happening in the first place. All of these are basic dental care tips but can be done more often if you drink a lot of coffee to stave off any cumulative effects.

  • Drink Water – Water is one of the best cleansing options you can get, so when you are drinking coffee you might consider having a glass of water as well, and occasionally taking a mouthful and swishing it around your mouth to wash the coffee particles in between your teeth.
  • Regularly Floss – One of the main causes of stains around the edge of the teeth is because of people failing to floss frequently enough. These areas stain much easier than the rest of the teeth, so you should floss at least once a day.
  • Visit the Dentist – Your dentist will be able to inform you of how much your teeth are being affected by drinking coffee, and they offer cleaning services where they thoroughly clean each one of your teeth and remove all of those particles that can permanently stain the colour.
  • Whitening – If used correctly, over the counter whitening products can help to restore the desired colour of your teeth. This is just a fix to the problem once it has happened, though, and won’t stop the colour returning in the future.

Common Misconceptions  

There are a number of common misconceptions of stopping your teeth from being stained, with the following being the most prevalent. You must not do any of these, otherwise, you will increase the chances of your teeth being stained:

  • Drinking with a straw – While drinking with a straw may seem like you aren’t exposing your teeth to the coffee, in reality, it can actually cause more problems. This method of drinking means more coffee will reach the back of your teeth, which will stain, and you may not notice until it is too late.
  • Brushing your teeth – It may seem like it will keep your teeth clean, but brushing them after drinking coffee can make matters worse. Drinking coffee will soften your enamel, and brushing it while soft means it will wear away a lot quicker.
  • Whiteners – Using whitening products can cover up the problem, but you mustn’t drink coffee within a few days of applying the whitener, otherwise, the teeth will stain far quicker

When you drink a lot of coffee you will find that your teeth start to discolour. This can be distressing and embarrassing, but it’s no reason to avoid coffee altogether. By taking a few extra steps it’s actually simple how to prevent coffee from staining teeth, and you’ll retain your pearly white smile not matter how much coffee you drink.


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